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Pristine Power Washing for Your Home

Every springtime, New Jersey experiences heavy downpour of pollen that can lead to allergies. Having been in the business for 42 years, Treich's Landscape Services LLC is well-equipped to wash down the heaviest of pollen accumulation; you can count on us.

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Superior power washing services

Power washing helps wash off pollen from the homes, making you breathe easy. Wet pollen slime tends to survive the heavy rains, but power washing can help get rid of it.


Rainwater alone will not wipe that slimy pollen off your property; let us help you. Call us with your need, and we'll make sure there's not a tiny speck of pollen remaining.

Power wash pollen off your property

Make your home look nice and presentable, and free from pollen-borne allergies.


If you reside in Middlesex County, NJ, ask us about our senior and military discounts.

Power washing
Power washing Power washing

Call us today to power wash your exteriors.